The "Vault of Ideas" is a large vaulted room on the ground floor of the same building as B&B the Palace; opened to the public in the summer of 2016, it hosts exhibitions, concerts, cultural...

It is a "free," non-institutional, once-barrelled space that is a meeting point for those who feel like getting involved, talking, revealing and "showing themselves" through the different languages of creativity and inventiveness. Everyone's "good ideas" are welcomed here.

It is a space in the making (a kind of construction site that still needs a lot of work), a space in the making as ideas transform and take shape as the mind processes them; I see it as a starting point, a stimulating journey that allows us to meet artists of all kinds, to share ideas and emotions.

There are two of us running the "Vault," me, Matilde, the Palace one, and Claudio, the "scholarly butcher."

From the welcome speech to the inauguration :

"Today we set out on this new path. Why did we decide to try this? What needs do we want to address? With whom? How and with what resources? Simple questions that have even simpler answers, and it is precisely when questions and answers are simple that they are sometimes considered stupid and not worthy of attention.

Being in daily contact with the public, with the customer with the tourist, one also has the opportunity to receive many solicitations, many requests but also varied directions and advice.

We came to figure out what to do, starting with what not to do. Don't do a museum, don't do an institutional space, don't do the alternative to the Municipal Auditorium, don't do a club, don't do a place just for insiders, don't do a closed place.

Rather, it is to open a place where we can meet and bring together those who have to offer to Scanno, that is, to all of us Scanno residents or casuals, ideas in the light of which we can better read the reality around us. The light of ideas.

When in a vignette you want to represent an idea you draw ... a light bulb. We here of light bulbs have turned on many different ones. Weaker or stronger bulbs, warm or cool light bulbs. All together they give us a diffuse glow that overcomes the shadows. On this vault, attached to these poles there is still plenty of room for ideas that can flank or replace existing ones."

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